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June 2014 News

Defective medical device may require surgical correction

Product recalls affecting Nashville residents occur regularly. Many of these are preventative and address a minor potential for injuries or property damage. In some instances, however, the problems associated with a product defect cannot be easily rectified. For such cases, [...]
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Defect in pool sanitation system leads to $23,000 in damage

Those who invest in private pools in Tennessee understand how important it is to keep the water clean. Many opt for automated cleaning systems that tend to the water without too much manual oversight, such as devices that use ultraviolet lights. While these products can be [...]
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Consumers concerned defective airbag being repaired too slowly

Many people in Nashville rely on their personal vehicles to transport them on a regular basis, and they trust that these machines are safe to use. These consumers are relying on the fact that when defective auto products are discovered, recalls will be carried out quickly and [...]
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Officials puzzled by continuing salmonella outbreaks

When a food is found to be contaminated with dangerous bacteria or toxins in Tennessee, certain safety precautions are taken to protect consumers, such as recalls and media announcements. In some cases, federal agencies determine that it must oversee a company in order to ensure [...]
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