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Truck accident claims life of 16-year-old

Drivers in Nashville must constantly be on the alert for large trucks that are a frequent present on the road. These trucks serve an important purpose delivering goods and providing jobs, but that doesn't alter the fact that their sheer size makes for a dangerous situation if there is a truck accident. Any kind of collision can have severe consequences to those involved in a semi truck accident.

For example, a recent truck accident between a pickup and a tractor-trailer led to the death of a 16-year-old. The accident occurred in the mid-morning. The teenager, who had been mowing lawns to earn money, was driving the pickup truck with a lawnmower attached to its back. The tractor-trailer and the pickup were traveling in opposite directions when the tractor-trailer tried to turn into a truck stop. The pickup was unable to stop in time and had a collision with the tractor-trailer. The young man was killed.

Law enforcement is investigating the truck accident and it has yet to be determined whether charges will be filed against the truck driver for possible negligence or another infraction.

Because trucks are so large, an accident involving a smaller vehicle can lead to significant injuries and death. With injuries, there will be serious medical costs, the possibility of extensive rehabilitation and perhaps even long-term care. If there is a death, the breadwinner in a household, a stay-at-home parent or a young person just beginning his or her life can be lost forever. There are many reasons for a truck accident including a truck driver spending too many consecutive hours on the road, drinking while driving, having a mechanical issue with the vehicle or simply exhibiting negligence. It is important for those who have been injured or lost a loved one to know their rights to seek compensation after an 18-wheeler accident.

In this case, a teenager who was working to make some money died after a tractor-trailer turned in front of him. Unfortunately, the young man was killed. With the circumstances surrounding this collision still under investigation, his family would be well advised to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney.

Source: WKRN.com, "Teen killed after pickup, 18-wheeler collide in Dickson," June 13, 2014

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