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Brain Injury

Dangers of overexposure to heat are real

Heat-related deaths happen every year. According the EPA, a total of more than 9,000 Americans have died from heat-related causes since 1979. Heat stroke is serious, and needs to be treated like any other medical emergency.
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Compensation is extremely important for brain injuries

Even the most minor injury can cause damage to the brain, and even minor damage to the brain can have major repercussions in your daily life. The brain is an extremely delicate and complex part of the human anatomy, and any damages could permanently affect your memory, motor [...]
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Can I bring a brain injury claim after the statute has expired?

Statutes of limitations are very important legal concepts that could completely prevent a person with a very strong claim from recovering the compensation that he or she rightly deserves. For most cases, once a statute of limitations has expired, it is impossible to bring a [...]
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Brain injuries: you've got questions, and we've got answers

Most people are fortunate enough never to suffer a brain injury in their lives. But for those tragic few who find themselves in a serious accident and suffering from a debilitating brain injury, the full extent of the dangers and difficulties that brain injuries bring is [...]
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Helping Tennessee residents with brain injury claims

There are many different ways that you might accidentally suffer a brain injury, but regardless of the manner in which you suffered it, such a brain injury could have lifelong effects on your life. There is a reason that bicyclists and motorcyclists wear helmets, and why [...]
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Where can I find assistance with a brain injury?

The dangers of brain injuries truly cannot be overstated. There is a reason that we consistently refer to brain injuries as the most serious type of injury. Many different injuries can change your life, and some can even change your life irrevocably, such as the loss of a limb, [...]
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It doesn't take much to suffer a brain injury

When we think of the most severe types of injuries, we generally consider injuries that are only suffered in the most severe of circumstances. Broken bones are suffered somewhat regularly, for example, but while they can be extremely serious, in many instances they heal in a few [...]
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What damages can I pursue for a brain injury?

When it comes to different types of injury, brain injuries rank among the most serious and devastating, which is why they often result in a great deal of monetary compensation for the victim. Compensation is generally awarded based on a number of factors, including medical [...]
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Not all brain injuries are caused by car accidents

We often talk about how brain injuries are perhaps the most serious types of personal injury that an individual could suffer. Generally, when speaking about brain injuries, we talk about them in the context of car accidents, explaining how massive vehicles moving at high speeds [...]
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Are there different types of brain injuries?

You have likely heard at some point in your life that brain injuries are extremely dangerous. Often, victims of a brain injury never fully recover, and they are left requiring living assistance or suffering from gaps in memory or even impaired motor functions. However, brain [...]
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