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Brain Injury

Tennessee brain injury statistics

We often talk about how serious brain injuries are to the victims who suffer them, often having lifelong negative effects that can make it difficult for the injured individuals to live normal lives. But knowing that an injury is dangerous does not necessarily indicate whether or [...]
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Are there different types of brain injury?

Like most types of injury, there are varying degrees of severity and type when it comes to brain injuries. The circumstances under which the injury was suffered, where the damage occurred and other such factors can affect the type of brain injury, and different types of brain [...]
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Legal options for victims of brain injury

Brain injuries are quite possibly the most dangerous injuries that a person can suffer, not only because of the lifelong consequences they can carry, but also because of how difficult it can be to detect them. Most injuries show visible signs of damage, such as bleeding or [...]
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Premature aging could be one effect of brain injury

Individuals in Tennessee who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury may have brains that age more rapidly than those that are uninjured. A study that appeared in the "Annals of Neurology" in April suggested that this premature aging may be one effect of a brain injury.
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