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Dangerous or Defective Drugs

Steps to Take if You Think You’re Affected by a Recall

For the sake of your well-being and those around you, it is essential to stay up-to-date on recently recalled products. Most people think of vehicles when they hear the term “recall” used in conversation, but the products that seem most trivial and inconsequential can [...]
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Surgical Errors and the Compensation You Deserve

Surgical errors happen more often than hospitals care to admit. Risks are associated with any major procedure, but some issues should never happen in the first place. It's estimated that around 4,000 preventable accidents occur each year with over $1.3 billion paid to [...]
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How Do You Deal with Property Damage While You are Getting Treated?

Car accidents can be devastating to those involved, especially if there was significant injury or property damage. Dealing with property damage while trying to heal can make it even worse. Luckily, the statute of limitations for filing actions for property damage is three [...]
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Wrongful Death Cases Do Not Need A Criminal Conviction

In some instances, when illegal actions lead to someone's death, a criminal conviction may follow.
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Accidents: The Fourth Leading Cause of Death in America

Medical issues are the top causes of death in America. It all starts with heart disease at the top of the list, followed by cancer. 
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The Most Common Negative Side Effects From Medications

Whenever you start a new medication, you want to know that it is safe. 
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What Do You Know About This Cold Weather Hazard

As we get closer to Halloween, the days are growing shorter and temperatures cooler. 
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How Taking Medication Can Affect Your Driving Safety

When we drive frequently, the skills required seem to come second nature and we may not realize how much the slightest impairment can truly affect our ability to drive safely. 
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Attention Owners of a Remington Model 700: You Need to Read This

It is safe to say that the Remington Model 700 is one of the most popular rifles ever built.
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The Ladder Checklist: What to Check Before You Climb

Ladder falls, even from relatively short heights, can be fatal. A worker who is merely working on the second story of a building -- installing a window, for instance -- could be around 10 feet off the ground. A fall from that height with a head impact could prove deadly.
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