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Dangerous or Defective Drugs

What Do You Know About This Cold Weather Hazard

As we get closer to Halloween, the days are growing shorter and temperatures cooler.
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How Taking Medication Can Affect Your Driving Safety

When we drive frequently, the skills required seem to come second nature and we may not realize how much the slightest impairment can truly affect our ability to drive safely.
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Attention Owners of a Remington Model 700: You Need to Read This

It is safe to say that the Remington Model 700 is one of the most popular rifles ever built.
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The Ladder Checklist: What to Check Before You Climb

Ladder falls, even from relatively short heights, can be fatal. A worker who is merely working on the second story of a building -- installing a window, for instance -- could be around 10 feet off the ground. A fall from that height with a head impact could prove deadly.
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Medication Safety: How Incorrect Instructions Can Make a Medication Dangerous

Even when professionals decide that a drug or medication is safe for use, that doesn't mean it is safe in any amount, over any length of time or even for any individual. It is only safe under a very specific set of circumstances. Unclear or inaccurate instructions can make it [...]
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How Often Do Doctors Make the Wrong Diagnosis

An incorrect diagnosis can change your life forever. Your ailment can steadily get worse as it goes untreated. You can suffer through treatments that you never needed. For time-sensitive issues -- cancer, bleeding on the brain, a blockage in your heart -- a treatable ailment can [...]
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6 Examples of a Potential Wrongful Death Case

Most people who are looking to file a wrongful death case have never done so before. This is a brand new experience, and it's a traumatic one at that. They're not sure how to proceed or even if they have a case.
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Drugs The Look or Sound Similar Can Cause Serious Problems

Packaging issues can cause serious problems when using potent medications. Many patients and even healthcare professionals may be unaware of what drugs they are actually taking or how much they need.
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Tips for Preventing Drug Errors

Drug errors occur all too often in hospitals, at the doctor's office and in the pharmacy.
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