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Accidents: The Fourth Leading Cause of Death in America

Medical issues are the top causes of death in America. It all starts with heart disease at the top of the list, followed by cancer. 

In third place are respiratory diseases. Even with modern healthcare, this trio still leads to more deaths than anything else

That does give you some feeling of control. You can lower your chances of heart disease with clean eating. You can lower the odds of skin cancer by limiting sun exposure. You can lower the odds of respiratory issues by refraining from smoking. While you cannot eliminate the risks entirely, you can help to some extent.

That's what makes the No. 4 leading cause of death so frightening: accidents.

These accidents include falls, car wrecks and drug overdoses, just to name a few examples. Experts point out that most accidental deaths come from overdoses and car accidents. The drug cases are growing more common. While there has been some reduction in car accidents over the decades, distracted driving has increased the danger again in recent years.

What is frightening about an accidental death is that you may have no control at all. A mislabeled drug could lead to an accidental overdose. A mistake by a medical professional could have the same result. One simple error by a distracted driver or a drunk driver could cost you your life.

With accidents ranking so high on the list, Americans need to be aware of all of their legal options when a loved one is killed due to someone else's negligence. Survivors may be able to seek financial compensation for lost wages, funeral costs, medical bills and more.

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