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How Do You Deal with Property Damage While You are Getting Treated?

Car accidents can be devastating to those involved, especially if there was significant injury or property damage. Dealing with property damage while trying to heal can make it even worse. Luckily, the statute of limitations for filing actions for property damage is three years in Tennessee. So, if you are injured and can’t file a claim right away, you have time. It’s best to submit it as soon as you can though, even if you have to enlist a family member to help you gather information to get the claim underway.

What property damage can I claim after a car accident?

Property damage can mean many things after a car accident. But, mostly it refers to harm or injury to anything OTHER than a person. The at-fault party’s insurance will cover this damage to property, and the coverage will depend on the policy and if the other driver had adequate protection.

Here’s a list of possible claims that can be filed after a car accident:

1. Damage repair to your car.

This is pretty obvious. The insurance company should cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle in line with the policy you have. This can include aftermarket items like wheels or stereo systems.

2. Car rental.

They will cover the cost of renting a car until yours is repaired under most policies.

3. Damage to personal property in your car.

They will cover damage to personal property like a laptop or phone for example.

4. Damage to a property

The example here would include a fence, your home, landscaping, etc.

If you are injured in the accident, you can also file a bodily injury claim to cover the costs of medical treatment and any bills.

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What if I’m injured and I can’t handle the claim myself?

The filing a claim following a car accident begins by contacting the insurance company of the liable driver. If you were involved in the accident, this would mean you are the one calling. But, what if you are unable to make those calls? Who handles your claim if you are unable?

Enlist the help of a family member or close friend to help you with the claim. They may need personal information during the process, so it would be smart to be proactive and have a conversation now with the person that you trust to help you in this situation. Hopefully, there were measures taken to gather information at the scene of the accident like taking pictures of any signs, talking to any witnesses, and filing a police report. All of these will help you with the claim.

If you have been injured in an accident, it’s important to talk to a lawyer about your case. We can be an advocate for you while you heal and help you get the money you deserve from the insurance company.

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