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What are the symptoms of amnesia?

When a person in Nashville suffers a head injury in an accident or incident, there are many concerns that will arise as symptoms present themselves. One particular issue that can crop up is amnesia. While it may seem to be fodder for sitcom comedy or an unusual occurrence from a medical drama, it really does happen. Any form of brain trauma can be an expensive problem both personally and professionally. Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of amnesia can help in seeking treatment.

With amnesia, there are two problems that arise. One is that the person will suffer from an impairment of learning new information. This is known as anterograde amnesia. The second is an impairment in recalling events that happened in the past and information that had been familiar. This is known as retrograde amnesia. Many of those who are suffering from amnesia will have problems processing and retaining new information. If something happened to them recently, that is likely to be forgotten. Memories that were more deeply ingrained can be salvaged.

A person who loses isolated memories won't have their intellectual abilities affected, nor will it change their ability to pay attention, execute judgment, be aware, or retain general information. They can understand spoken and written words and learn various skills. They may even be aware there is a memory issue. Some other signals that a person has amnesia might be recollections that didn't actually happen and being confused or disoriented.

When there is any kind of head injury, there is the chance that brain trauma has occurred. While there are clear symptoms when a person has suffered brain trauma such as being comatose, others are not so obvious. A person seeming forgetful might not appear to be that big of a deal at its outset, it could actually be a result of the head injury. When the head injury has happened because of an accident or another's negligent acts, it's important to understand the costs that can accompany amnesia and its treatment. Discussing the matter with a legal professional experienced in brain trauma cases can help.

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