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What complications can result from a brain injury?

A person in Davidson who suffers a brain injury will have a great deal to handle in its aftermath. Any kind of head injury can be serious, but when there is brain trauma, it's not just a matter of going to the hospital to be treated as if it is a broken bone or a cut. There are numerous complications that can arise making a full recovery difficult. In some instances, it's impossible and the victim will require long-term care to function.

When there is a brain injury, the victim might end up in various states of consciousness. A person who is comatose won't be cognizant of anything going on around the person. There won't be a response to any stimuli. The comatose person might emerge after a while but could be in a vegetative state. That means there might be some responses to stimuli, but they're involuntary with a lack of awareness of surroundings. There might be a minimal state of consciousness with some signs of being self-aware. Being locked-in is essentially being trapped in one's own body. Brain death is when there is no activity in the brain.

With brain trauma, there are other issues that can arise. These include seizures, the buildup of fluid, infections, damage to blood vessels, damage to nerves, problems with intellect, problems with communication, changes to behavior, changes to emotions and problems with the senses. The seizures often happen within the first week after the injury has occurred. With a brain injury, a wound can allow bacteria to enter the wound and result in an infection. If there is blood vessel damage, there might be a stroke or blood clots.

With intellectual problems, there could be a loss of memory, a decreased ability to learn, inability to reason, decrease in the speed of mental processing and a lack of judgment. When communicating, a person with a brain injury might not be able to speak or write, understand the spoken or written word and will have difficulty maintaining a conversation.

When there is a brain injury, it's important to have the proper care and treatment. For that, it might be necessary to consider litigation to receive compensation. Discussing the matter with a qualified legal professional is the first step to moving forward with a legal filing.

Source: Mayo Clinic, "Traumatic Brain Injury - Complications," accessed on Mar. 16, 2015

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