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How to Rest Properly After an Auto Accident

Did you know that road rage can increase your chances of getting into an accident? While you might not be prone to road rage, many other people are. This means, you may find yourself involved in an auto accident whether you practice the safest road skills or not. With this in mind, you’ll want to have the proper representation. 

An experienced auto accident lawyer can ensure your case is handled with educated care. On top of that, you’ll need to ensure you properly rest and recover after an automobile accident. If you’re unsure of where to begin, don’t worry. Bart Durham Injury Law has compiled a list of the best ways to properly rest after your car accident. 

Here’s how to properly rest after an auto accident:

  1. Seek the Right Medical Attention
  2. Adhere to Your Treatment Plan
  3. Get Some R&R
  4. Exercise & Stretch

Seek the Right Medical Attention

After you've taken the first steps immediately following an auto accident, seek any medical attention you might require as soon as possible. Injuries such as whiplash can often go unnoticed for days or even weeks, and even if you feel no pain immediately after an accident, continue to monitor your health closely. 

Typically, insurance companies can argue that delay in seeking treatment is evidence that you were not seriously injured from the specific accident. With this in mind, be sure to immediately seek out specific care to your needs. You’ll want to inform your medical provider that your injuries were caused by the accident.

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Adhere to Your Treatment Plan

Your unique treatment process may be long and slow once you've received a diagnosis, if one has been made after your accident. Following the prescribed treatment plan created by your doctor is the most effective way to ensure a full recovery as soon as possible. This can include:

  • Allowing your body to heal by taking time off from work and limiting your normal activities
  • Taking all prescribed medications
  • Participating in a physical therapy program
  • Exercising at home according to a therapist's recommendations
  • Attending physician appointments and setting follow-up appointments 

Even if some elements of your treatment plan do not seem effective, do not simply stop following it, speak with your physician. Together, you can decide which alternative treatments will be most effective for you. 

Get Some R&R

In the aftermath of an auto accident, sleep and rest are crucial to recovery. The body increases blood flow to the muscles while you sleep, and your muscles and tissue both grow and heal during sleep.

In addition, stress hormone levels in your body drop during sleep, thereby reducing inflammation inside your body. You should slow down and rest frequently after suffering a major injury, so your body can heal. Additionally, a good night's sleep will affect your energy levels, alertness, and mood during the day.

Knowing your limitations is crucial. Don't overdo it or push yourself too early. If you appear to be able to "power through" your serious accident injuries, you may end up injuring yourself even more. 

Exercise & Stretch

In order to regain full range of motion, flexibility, balance, and endurance after an auto accident, you should exercise and stretch. Regular movement will help prevent your muscles and joints from becoming stiff and weak, and it will also help reduce pain and inflammation.

You should follow your doctor's recommendations for the amount and type of exercise you should do. Although you may feel like you could do more, pushing yourself too hard before you're ready could worsen your injury and prolong your recovery.

Let the Professionals Handle it

In cases such as these, it’s best to connect with a local injury attorney to assess your options. In the long-run, you’ll save yourself time and money by letting the professionals handle your injury case. 

Bart Durham Injury Law represents victims of various personal accidents to get them the compensation they deserve. Do you or a loved one need to make an accident claim? Don’t go through this alone, give our expert team a call or chat online 24/7.

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