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Public Pool and Swimming Safety Tips

There’s nothing better on a hot day than a refreshing dip in the pool with your friends and family! Before you pack your towel and cooler and load into the car, remember to keep these public and private pool swimming safety tips top-of-mind.

Lather Up

Using sunblock is critical to your skin’s well-being and your long-term health. Applying sunblock prior to going outside helps prevent premature skin damage, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Do your skin a favor and protect it from permanent damage. 


The “NO DIVING” signs are there for a reason! According to Mayfield Brain & Spine Clinic, approximately one of every ten spinal injuries are a result of diving accidents. Causing damage to the spinal cord can have severe impacts such as chronic pain, respiratory complications and even total paralysis.

It’s recommended to jump into a pool feet first, or, when diving head first, jump in an area that is at least 10-12 feet deep with clear visibility. 

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Drink Up

Water isn’t just for the fishes! Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic, caffeinated beverages to stay hydrated throughout the day. Taking water breaks while swimming or sitting poolside will keep you feeling energized and healthy for optimal pool-day enjoyment. 

Swim Sober

Despite what chemistry class taught you, alcohol and water do not mix. According to BMC Public Health (a global medical journal), during a study done on 1,746 unintentional drownings, 60.7% tested positive for alcohol.

Alcohol impairs coordination, judgement and affects a person’s ability to swim. If consuming alcohol by the pool, make sure there’s a sober supervisor keeping watch. 

“Do you have your exit buddy?” 

This cutesy quote from “Finding Nemo” also applies to pool safety too. When entering the pool you should always have a friend, family member or supervisor with you to make sure you’re safe.

Kids should always be supervised when in the pool, but even adults can face complications and be at risk when in the water. Always keep an eye on your exit buddy to reduce the risk of an accident.

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