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Defect in pool sanitation system leads to $23,000 in damage

Those who invest in private pools in Tennessee understand how important it is to keep the water clean. Many opt for automated cleaning systems that tend to the water without too much manual oversight, such as devices that use ultraviolet lights. While these products can be convenient, if they include a design and manufacturing defect their reliance on electricity and their proximity to water can lead to dangerous situations.

An ultraviolet pool sanitation system has been found to contain a defect that has led to $23,000 in property damage. These systems, made by Trident Ultraviolet Corp., are connected to a pool's water pipes and electrical systems and pose an electrical arcing hazard. This can result in some units catching fire or melting. Thus far, 38 such incidents have been reported. One person has suffered a burn injury, although reports do not indicate its severity.

Approximately 3,600 units are affected. They were sold between 2009 and 2013 at pool companies throughout the United States.

Consumers are instructed to stop using these devices immediately and unplug them from their power sources. Trident Ultraviolet has closed, but it will provide free repair kits to remedy the problem.

Some devices are inherently more dangerous than others, such as those that rely on flammable materials or electricity. When such products are found to have design and manufacturing defects that result in injuries to consumers or property damage, those who have suffer from physical problems or financial loss may choose to sue the products’ manufacturers. In such situations, many people find it beneficial to seek the counsel of an attorney as soon as possible to review their claims.

Source: cpsc.gov, “Trident Recalls Ultraviolet Sanitation Systems for Pools Due to Fire Hazard,” May 29, 2014. 

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