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Consumers concerned defective airbag being repaired too slowly

Many people in Nashville rely on their personal vehicles to transport them on a regular basis, and they trust that these machines are safe to use. These consumers are relying on the fact that when defective auto products are discovered, recalls will be carried out quickly and efficiently. If these people feel that their auto defects are not being corrected swiftly enough, they may begin issuing complaints to federal safety agencies.

Some consumers have begun to voice concerns over the fact that Chrysler is taking too long to repair a defective airbag that was first discovered in 2012. Although the company issued a recall that year, less than 15 percent of the 800,000 affected vehicles have been repaired. Consumers are worried that the delay will result in injuries or the loss of vehicular control while driving. Chrysler has claimed that the protracted corrections are the result of hindrances it suffered while designing new replacement parts.

The recall was issued after it was found that air bags in six Jeep models could deploy unintentionally. Reports do not indicate whether anyone has been injured as a result of this problem.

In response to consumer concerns, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is conducting an inquiry into whether the recall and its repair efforts are working effectively. Reports do not offer any timeline for the completion of this investigation.

Auto defects can have serious consequences, such as a permanent disability or even death. Pursuing a lawsuit against those responsible can help victims receive compensation for medical expenses and other related financial losses. Those who believe they were injured as a result of a negligent car manufacturer's inefficient recall efforts may want to speak with an attorney to discuss their legal options.

Source: The New York Times, "N.H.T.S.A. Investigates Effectiveness of Chrysler's Air Bag Recall," Christopher Jensen, June 2, 2014. 

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