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Serious injuries result from 2-vehicle crash in Tennessee

Car accidents can be absolutely life-altering. In mere seconds, a person's life can be forever changed. Not only can car accidents inflict victims with serious injuries, leaving them with great physical pain and suffering, they can also thrust financial burdens onto victims. These financial burdens may take the form of medical expenses, transportation costs or lost wages. However a victim is financially burdened, legal action may be able to alleviate some of this financial strain.

A recent accident in Tennessee left five people injured. According to reports, the accident occurred in the morning on a road located near a Harley-Davidson store. A 34-year-old man lost control of his vehicle while travelling on the road's northbound lane. He lost control of his Dodge Caravan and his vehicle then collided with an Oldsmobile compact car. The 34-year-old's van continued travelling out of control into the southbound lanes. It then crossed the median and struck a Honda Odyssey occupied by a family of four from Tennessee.

A 61-year-old passenger in the Honda Odyssey was said to have suffered serious injuries. The passenger was flown to a nearby hospital via medical helicopter. The 34-year-old driver of the Dodge van also suffered serious injuries. The Honda's driver, 57, along with two other passengers in the vehicle, both 18-years-old, were all also injured in the crash.

Injuries resulting from car accidents like this can force people to miss days, months or even years of work. As such, they may suffer a great deal of lost wages. When coupled with the myriad medical expenses and transportation costs, a victim can be left financially devastated. Thankfully, by taking legal action, some victims may be able to obtain compensation from a negligent driver. Though never able to erase the trauma, compensation may help ease the financial suffering.

Source: ABC News 2, "5 injured, 2 seriously, in Murfreesboro crash," May 21, 2014

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