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Two tragically killed in two separate crashes in Tennessee

Drivers need to be prepared to react quickly. If traffic slows to a stop, drivers need to be ready to abruptly apply the brakes and avoid an accident by any means possible. Failing to do so can have tragic consequences. Many people have lost loved ones in car accidents that could have been avoided. The families of victims are often left devastated and confused as to how such a tragedy could occur.

Two people were recently killed following two separate accidents on the same Tennessee highway. Both crashes were reported sometime shortly after 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. The interstate highway on which the accidents occurred was closed for quite some time following the crash.

The crash occurred after traffic came to a sudden stop on an eastbound ramp. A tractor trailer failed to stop in time and struck a white car. After the white car was rear ended, it became jammed in between the tractor trailer and an SUV. Sadly, two people died as a result of the crash. A third person was stuck in one of the vehicles and rescuers had to extricate the victim.

The second accident occurred after a truck hit the rear of a Dodge sedan. The truck then hit a side wall before side swiping a tractor trailer. As a result of this crash, one person suffered injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Whether victims are killed or injured in car accidents, victims and their loved ones have rights. In many cases, they may be able to recover compensation through legal action. Knowing what one's legal rights are following a car accident can help when deciding what options to pursue.

Source: ABC 6, "2 killed in crash, fire on I-40E at Asheville Highway," May 30, 2014

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