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Man faces formal charges after devastating Tennessee wreck

In Tennessee, motor vehicle accidents that result in injuries or death can leave victims and loved ones physically and emotionally traumatized. While coping with this physical and emotional trauma, victims and loved ones are then also often forced to deal with financial burdens. These financial burdens may be the result of medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, vehicle damages and the like.

Take, for instance, a recent crash. According to reports, a man was recently arrested for his involvement in a Tennessee crash. Police said that the crash occurred after the accused driver failed to yield when making a left turn. The driver's vehicle then collided with a minivan that was traveling north. The collision caused the minivan to crash into a stopped Volkswagen.

As a result of the crash, the driver and two passengers in the minivan suffered injuries that required them to go a nearby hospital. The driver in the first vehicle and three of his passengers were also taken to a nearby hospital. Sadly, one passenger did not survive his injuries.

The 31-year-old driver who allegedly caused the South Nashville crash is now facing formal charges involving reckless endangerment with a motor vehicle, vehicular homicide and five counts of aggravated assault. Nashville police say the driver was arrested at his workplace.

People killed or injured in car accidents involving negligent drivers have rights. They may be eligible for monetary compensation. Experienced attorneys can help victims and their families pursue the maximum amount of compensation they may be owed.

Source: The Tennessean, "Man charged in Nashville crash that killed 1, injured 5," Adam Tamburin, June 12, 2014

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