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January 2015 News

Defect in GM vehicles could have been fixed for under $1 each

Fatal auto defect accidents can result in some of the most emotionally wrenching types of product liability cases, especially when official investigations show that an auto manufacturer could have easily prevented these tragic incidents. The attorneys at Bart Durham Injury Law [...]
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Understanding strict liability

According to Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute, many product liability cases fall under the category of strict liability offenses. Because of this, those who are considering pursuing a product liability lawsuit in Tennessee may wish to gain a better understanding [...]
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NHTSA sends message to auto industry with $70 million fine

Certain government entities are tasked with ensuring the safety of the products used by consumers in Nashville and around the country. It is pivotal that these agencies collect accurate, timely data on defective products so that they can quickly inform the public of any [...]
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2016 to see new drug and alcohol database for truckers

The government is aiming to improve safety on the roads for all residents in Tennessee with a database to curb impaired driving among commercial drivers.
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Happy holidays taken away at hands of drunk drivers

Tennessee residents looking forward to a joyous holiday season should be aware of the danger posed by drunk drivers at this time of year.
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Which laws grant authority and enforcement power to the CPSC?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, as its name suggests, is an agency that protects American consumers. As is explained in the agency’s “About CPSC” section, this federal body is responsible for monitoring products that could contain product defects involving [...]
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