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Safety features and head injuries in car accidents

When people get in a car, they are likely not thinking about all the safety features that are present to help keep them safe. Instead, they are thinking about their own busy lives, how to get to their destination or about what they will do when they get there. But, even when people aren't thinking about them, safety features are present in modern vehicles that help to keep people safe in case of an accident.

In particular, many of these safety features help to prevent devastating head and brain injuries. One of these important safety features are air bags. Air bags are safety devices that inflate if there is a car accident. Front air bags help to prevent a person from hitting their head against the dashboard or steering wheel. Side air bags help to prevent people from hitting their head against a window, door or debris caused by the crash.

Another important safety feature that helps to prevent head injuries is a head restraint. A head restraint is attached to the car's seats. These restraints help to limit head movement in rear-impact accidents. Depending on the type of restraint in a particular car, these restraints can be adjusted to best protect the passenger and driver. In some cars, the restraints will adjust automatically in an accident.

Many vehicles also offer head injury protection within the car. This protection generally consists of foam or other material that absorbs energy. It is placed in throughout the interior of the car but is generally hidden from view. This material helps to absorb some of the energy in rollover accidents or other types of accidents where air bags may not be as effective in preventing injuries.

While these safety features may go a long way in preventing injuries, they can only help so much. When a person suffers a head injury in a car accident, an attorney can help to explain that person's legal rights.

Source: Reader's Digest, "9 Car Safety Features to Look Out For," accessed on Jan. 25, 2015

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