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Wrong-way drunk driving accident kills 1, injures 1

The reckless actions of one person have the ability to affect many. When someone chooses to get behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink, the consequences can be deadly. Sadly, innocent people are often the victims of these negligent, drunk drivers.

A recent accident in Nashville is no exception. In this case, a 38-year-old woman was driving drunk on Interstate 65 near the intersection with Old Hickory Boulevard. According to reports, the woman was driving the wrong-way down the road. While authorities had been alerted about the drunk driver, the police were unable to stop her before tragedy occurred.

Reports say that the woman crashed head-on into another car -- a Cadillac Escalade. Inside the Escalade were two men. As a result of the collision, one man -- a husband and father of three -- was killed. Another man, was seriously injured. This man was taken to a local hospital where he remains in the neurological intensive care unit. Doctors say that he will need extensive rehabilitation as a result of his injuries.

The woman was also injured in the head on collision and taken to a local hospital. She is facing criminal charges for vehicular assault and vehicular homicide by intoxication.

While these criminal charges may provide some sense of justice, they will do nothing to cover the mounting medical expenses and rehabilitation costs that the surviving victim and his family will face. These criminal charges also cannot help the family of the man killed recover from their financial burdens.

When in an accident caused by a drunk driver, victims and their families need to understand their legal rights. These could include filling a personal injury or wrongful death suit against the drunk driver. These suits cannot help take away the emotional pain caused by the accident, but they can help to provide financial compensation to victims.

Source: WATE, "Family of fatal wrong-way I-65 crash survivor asks for prayers," Joseph Pleasant, Jan. 12, 2015

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