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Up to Speed: Common Automobile Accidents

Did you know there were more than 33,000 automobile accidents in 2019? With that in mind, knowing what to look for can help ensure safety and avoid automobile accidents. Should you find yourself involved in a car accident, you’ll want to have the proper representation. 

When you hire an experienced auto accident attorney, you can ensure your case is handled with professional care. Regardless of the type of accident, an injury attorney will have the right tools and knowledge to not only legally protect you, but also save you time and money in the long run. 

Most Common Automobile Accidents:

  1. Intersection Collisions
  2. Single Car Collision
  3. Interstate Accidents
  4. Parked Car Accidents
  5. Pedestrians

Intersection Collisions

Accidents frequently happen at intersections because lots of things are happening at one specific point at the same time. Traffic signals changing from green to yellow to red may be missed by distracted drivers. Sometimes, vehicles that pause when turning can go unnoticed, causing a collision.

Avoid accidents by practicing defensive driving. Make sure there are no cars coming through the intersection after the light turns green. On cross streets, be on the lookout for drivers who race through yellow lights, and similarly, avoid running a red light when you're approaching a yellow one.

Single Car Collision

The most common single-vehicle accidents involve collisions with road barriers, debris, and animals, as well as rollovers and accidents from driving off the road. While single car collisions can be a terrifying thought, they are typically easy to prevent. When driving, be sure to take account of the weather, road, and traffic conditions, and always pay attention. 

Drive at a speed that allows you to maintain control, even if you are the only vehicle on the road. Avoid hydroplaning on wet roads or driving during dangerous weather. The same goes for eating, talking on the phone, and texting while you're driving. Changes in conditions are never predictable. With that in mind, work to not drive too fast and be mindful even if there is no one else around you.

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Interstate Accidents

When it comes to city living, you're bound to be familiar with the dangers of the interstate. With hundreds of cars speedily driving down these multi-lane roads, accidents are often inevitable. However, there are a few things to keep an eye out for. When driving on the highway, be sure to avoid blown tires, erratic drivers, large semi-trucks or vehicles traveling with wide load bearing equipment, as well as any deceased animals on the sides of the road.

Due to their size and location, obstacles on the side of the highway or on the actual road cause horrible automobile accidents every year. Nevertheless, they can be avoided if you are mindful during your drive of extraneous hazards.

Pro Tip: When driving on the highway, there is a higher possibility of a collision when semi-truck drivers cannot see you. To avoid their blind spots, stay in their line of sight.

Parked Car Accidents

An accident involving a parked vehicle and another vehicle is another common reason for auto damage. Take steps to help avoid parked car collisions and claims, whether you're parking in a lot or on the road. Parking in the busiest part of a lot is not a great idea. Rather than choosing a spot with heavy traffic, intentionally choose one away from it. This will decrease your risk of being hit by another vehicle. Similarly, maximize the space in which you park.

When parking your vehicle, make sure your car is in the center of the space and move it if it's too close to the parking line. By doing this, you'll be able to avoid being hit by cars pulling into and out of adjacent spaces. If you can, park away from intersections, tight turns, and driveways. Otherwise your vehicle might not be visible to other drivers, who may side swipe it as they pass by.


Especially in areas where there are more residents, pedestrians pose a great threat on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 610 pedestrians die every year on U.S. Interstate highways. Pedestrians aren't always easy to see while walking across or near the roadways, so make sure to pay extra attention in the spots you are more likely to encounter them. 

Most pedestrians may not remember to wear light-colored clothing at night, although it is recommended.  Watch out for anyone who appears to be running or walking once the sun goes down.

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