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Drunk Driving Accidents

Tennessee takes drunk driving very seriously

Car accidents of any kind are a serious matter, but when you bring alcohol and intoxication into the mix, any accident immediately becomes significantly more severe in the eyes of the law. This is mainly because most car accidents are just that, accidents. A driver had a [...]
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Tennessee principal facing second DUI

There are certain people in this world to whom we hold a higher standard of conduct. These people are often public servants or people in positions of authority, whose jobs involve protecting or safeguarding the well-being of others, such as teachers, police officers, and [...]
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Family awaits legal action against alleged drunk driver

The law is not simple. There are many specific regulations and legal actions that people can rely on in the event of an accident or crime, but circumstances always affect a particular case, which is why no two cases are alike. But sometimes there are seemingly simple or obvious [...]
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Does drunk driving qualify as negligence?

Whenever an accident occurs, the law will be used to determine which party was at fault, and that party will be held responsible for any injuries or damages that result from the accident. This means that if you are involved in a car accident and you require medical treatment [...]
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Standing up for your rights in a drunk driving accident

There are many legal considerations when it comes to drunk driving accidents and DUI law in general. For example, police officers must have reasonable suspicion to pull an individual over and probable cause to test them for alcohol, which generally consists of suspicious or [...]
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Driver faces fifth DUI offense in Tennessee

Drunk driving is treated as a criminal activity because it is more than simple negligence. Drunk driving is an act of recklessness, committed knowingly by an individual who believes that he or she is above the law or is above making mistakes simply due to intoxication. The truth [...]
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Tennessee officials hope to reduce drunk driving accidents

There are very few types of car accidents that are not serious, but some car accidents are undeniably more serious than others. Truck accidents, for example, are capable of causing a significantly greater amount of damage than passenger car accidents. Another type of accident [...]
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Drunk driving can affect injury claims

Drunk driving is undeniably a criminal matter, and individuals who are convicted of drunk driving will face serious legal penalties such as license suspension and jail time, as well as having their conviction placed on their permanent record. However, even though drunk driving [...]
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Intoxication adds another level of complexity to car accidents

Nobody ever wants to be involved in a car accident, as even the most minor of accidents can cause a great deal of property damage or serious injury. Even worse than being involved in a car accident is being involved in a car accident in which one of the drivers was drunk. Drunk [...]
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What is the legal BAC limit in Tennessee?

Drunk driving is one of the most serious criminal offenses, primarily because of the risk drunk drivers pose to those with whom they share the road. While there may technically be a limit at which it is legal to drive with intoxication, the limit is so low that people would be [...]
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