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Tennessee takes drunk driving very seriously

Car accidents of any kind are a serious matter, but when you bring alcohol and intoxication into the mix, any accident immediately becomes significantly more severe in the eyes of the law. This is mainly because most car accidents are just that, accidents. A driver had a momentary lapse of judgment or made a simple mistake, and that caused an unfortunate incident. But when a person gets behind the wheel of a car while drunk, he or she is inviting catastrophe.

By this time, it is common knowledge that intoxication impairs many functions that are vital to driving, including reflexes, eyesight and more. As a result, the law views any drunk driver as someone who is actively putting the health and safety of others at risk, as well as the health and safety of himself or herself. If you are unaware of just how serious Tennessee law takes DUI cases, consider that a first-time DUI offense has mandatory jail time of at least two days. A second offense requires convicted individuals to spend more than a month in jail, as well as pay hundreds or thousands in fines.

How does any of this affect you if you are a victim of a drunk driving accident? It serves to demonstrate that our state has very little tolerance when it comes to drunk driving, and is well aware of the dangers that drunk driving poses to others on the road. This means that if you are the victim of a drunk driving accident, your chances of recovering compensation are extremely high.

Depending on the circumstances, you may not even need to prove fault when it comes to a drunk driving accident. If the other driver in your accident is convicted of a DUI, you will likely be able to bring a successful lawsuit against him, especially if you enlist the aid of an attorney. You don't have to pay for someone else's reckless behavior. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, consult with an attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your rights.

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