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Not all brain injuries are caused by car accidents

We often talk about how brain injuries are perhaps the most serious types of personal injury that an individual could suffer. Generally, when speaking about brain injuries, we talk about them in the context of car accidents, explaining how massive vehicles moving at high speeds can cause whiplash or force your head to strike a part of the vehicle. While car accidents are absolutely a brain injury threat, they are far from the only brain injury threats.

Every single newborn child is at risk for brain injury in some way or another. Whether it is the result of a birth defect, or a doctor error during delivery, or even just a tragic, unavoidable accident, every joyous birth could turn into a tragedy. Depending on the circumstances, you could be compensated for the pain and suffering that you and your child will experience as a result of the brain injury.

The instance in which you will most likely be able to recover compensation would be a circumstance involving a doctor, nurse or other health care provider making a significant error during the delivery that causes the baby to suffer a brain injury. The risks are perhaps even more serious during a C-section birth, during which the baby and mother could both suffer serious injuries if a doctor makes a mistake.

It is important to remember that some brain injuries that occur during birth are just awful accidents that no doctor could have prevented. Birth defects are the most common example of this; when a baby simply does not develop in the way that it is supposed to. However, if you live in Tennessee, and you truly believe that your infant's brain injury was caused by a doctor error or medical malpractice, visit our webpage to learn how we could help you recover compensation.

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