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Family awaits legal action against alleged drunk driver

The law is not simple. There are many specific regulations and legal actions that people can rely on in the event of an accident or crime, but circumstances always affect a particular case, which is why no two cases are alike. But sometimes there are seemingly simple or obvious legal avenues that are delayed or ignored for reasons unknown. This is another reason that legal assistance can be vital in any case, even when it seems straightforward.

A family in Tennessee was recently struck by a terrible tragedy, when a two-car accident claimed the life of a woman and left her baby, who is less than a year old, partially paralyzed. Official reports indicate that the man crossed a double-yellow line, and that is how the accident occurred. Additionally, the man admitted to drinking, stating that he has no memory of the accident, but that he does remember being served alcohol.

According to police, the investigation of the accident has been concluded, and they are simply awaiting prosecution. The family of the victim are left wondering why the man has yet to be charged in what they believe is a very simple case. Indeed, much of the evidence points toward the young man being intoxicated and reckless in a fatal accident, but until the matter is settled in a court of law, this man is still innocent, and anything could happen with this case.

It is understandable that the victim's family is so concerned by the lack of progress in this case, but the law can be very complex. The most reliable way to make sense of it is to enlist the aid of an attorney who has experience in the relevant legal area. An attorney can answer your questions and help you understand what is happening with your case in any capacity.

Source: WMC Action News, "Family wants alleged drunk driver arrested," Dennis Ferrier, Oct. 29, 2015

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