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What are the basic rules of the road in Tennessee?

A variety of cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles can be found on any given Tennessee roadway. These vehicles are filled with people trying to get from one place to another in a timely manner. In order for that to happen safely, everyone must follow the basic rules of the road. If these rules are not followed, people are at an increased risk of car accidents. In some cases, people may question what the basic rules for driving in Tennessee really are.

According to Tennessee Department of Safety, Tennessee has many basic driving requirements. For example, drivers must drive on the right side of the road. However, in certain situations drivers are permitted to pass another car on the left. This can only be done in a passing zone when it is clear to do so. People must be careful not to sideswipe the other car as they return to the right lane. Passing in no passing zones are not permitted.

Tennessee laws require the use of traffic signals when drivers are making turns. These laws also require drivers to yield when they are turning left at an intersection. Other rules outline the safe driving distance that is require between cars, defines which driver has the right-of-way in certain situations and how to react when approached by an emergency vehicle.

While many of these rules seem simple enough, many drivers in Tennessee fail to heed them and cause car accidents. Their failure to follow traffic laws can be evidence that they were negligent. By speaking with an attorney, people who are injured by negligent drivers can receive specific legal advice -- which this post cannot provide -- about their legal rights.

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