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We can help Tennessee truck accident victims

Tennessee commercial trucks and tractor trailers are a key part of the nation's economy. This is due to their important role of transporting goods from manufacturer to consumer around the United States. However, commercial trucks and tractor trailers are some of the largest vehicles on the road today. This can mean catastrophic consequences for people traveling in passenger vehicles when something goes wrong out on the road.

The experienced Nashville truck accident attorneys at Bart Durham Injury law firm are first and foremost saddened and shocked to hear of the injuries you or a loved one has sustained due to a commercial truck accident. Truck drivers are held to a higher standard of safety due to the consequences than can, and have, happened to innocent people traveling on the road. Allow us to hold them responsible for the terrible accident that has befallen you or your family. It all begins with a free consultation.

During this consultation we can help you to discover who caused the accident. More importantly, we can help you to establish if that person or company is liable for the injuries you or a loved one sustained due to this truck accident. With your consent, we will contact the party or insurance company responsible for causing this accident. Our legal team has advocated successfully in over 4,000 cases, just like yours.

While we cannot turn back the hands of time, we can help you to gain what is rightfully owed to you. When people or companies make mistakes, they need to be held accountable. Allow us to pursue your accident claim. The monetary rewards that could be received can help to pay for the bills associated with serious injuries.

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