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Holding negligent parties responsible in drunk driving accidents

While people may think of drunk driving as a criminal matter, it has a civil component as well. When someone is injured in a drunk driving accident, that person has the right to sue for damages. These damages could include property damages, but also damages for medical expenses, lost wages, the cost of rehabilitation or other expenses caused by the accident. A person may also be entitled to pain and suffering when involved in a drunk driving accident.

However, these rights are not automatic. Unlike a criminal trial -- that could take place with or without the participation of an injured party -- unless the person hurt in the accident takes legal action, the person will not receive compensation.

This compensation could come from the drunk driver, or another source. As we explained in a recent blog post, in certain situations the party that sold the alcohol to a drunk driver can be held responsible for any damages. Specific legal requirements and evidence must be presented in order for this to happen, however.

Examining every accident involving a drunk driver can be essential in providing a solid case against a possibly negligent party. Through proper investigation and work with police records, compensation can sometimes be granted, covering expenses such as medical fees, lost wages and more.

Obtaining compensation following a drunk driving accident can help people move forward. Not only can it potentially keep people from financial harm, but it will also possibly assist in affording the treatment they need. For more information on accidents involving drunk drivers, visit our website.

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