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May 2014 News

Women injured by vaginal implants will receive about $40,000 each

When Nashville residents experience a chronic physical issue, they often seek the advice of a physician. In certain cases, the doctors will provide these patients with the option to correct the problem surgically via an implanted medical device. Sometimes these devices work as [...]
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Defective adult bed handles leads to 3 deaths

Like many cities, Nashville is home to a number of adult care facilities, assisted living complexes and nursing homes. These care centers often include 24-hour nursing services and utilize various types of medical equipment, such as special beds. When a disabled or elderly [...]
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Defective outdoor chairs results in 3 consumer falls

During the spring and summer months, many Nashville residents enjoy making the most of the warm weather by sitting out on their decks, barbequing and spending time with family and friends.
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Recall expanded for defective IKEA lamps

Nashville is home to many young parents who hold the safety and well-being of their children as their top priorities. These parents believe that when they purchase products, particularly those marketed for children, these items are completely safe. Unfortunately, that is not [...]
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New bill could reduce jail time for repeat DUI offenders and risk of injury

State legislators are considering a bill that would replace jail sentences with rehabilitation
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