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Defective outdoor chairs results in 3 consumer falls

During the spring and summer months, many Nashville residents enjoy making the most of the warm weather by sitting out on their decks, barbequing and spending time with family and friends.

Often, they will invest in furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. Because these products are often used soon after purchase, if a manufacturing defect is discovered it is important for the public to be informed as soon as possible.

In three incidents, the legs of Dimension Industries’ Fairview outdoor chairs have buckled or broken. These led to falls, one of which involved a person hitting his head. This report does not indicate whether this head injury resulted in any serious physical damage.

In response to these accidents, the company has issued a recall on nearly 7,000 product units. Consumers are being asked to stop using these products immediately, and will be given a full refund. The units were sold exclusively at Costco for approximately $1,300 per 7-piece dining set, and that seller is contacting its customers regarding the issue. Consumers may also contact the company directly to receive their refund.

Design and manufacturing defects can lead to severe injuries for consumers. When such flaws are discovered, those who have been injured as a result of using a defective product may wish to pursue a personal injury or product liability suit against a negligent manufacturer. If you have been hurt as the result of using dangerous products, you may find it beneficial to speak with an attorney about your situation.

Source: cpsc.gov, “Dimension Industries Recalls Outdoor Dining Chairs Due to Fall Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Costco,” May 14, 2014. 

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