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Tennessee car accident leaves two critically injured

Negligence is a simple concept that can quickly become complicated depending on the circumstances. At its most basic, negligence describes any situation in which someone acts in a way, usually by accident, that leads to someone else being harmed. The person's actions violated certain standards of conduct, thereby rendering the actions negligent. As one can imagine, this can become more layered and complicated than a cursory reading of the definition may suggest. Proving negligence in a car accident can be challenging, but it is often achievable with a solid legal strategy.

A recent car accident in Tennessee left two people critically injured, according to reports. The accident occurred after a Cadillac broadsided a Ford sedan. The driver of the sedan, along with one of the passengers, were both critically injured in the crash. The driver was airlifted to a nearby hospital. The passenger was transported via ambulance and later airlifted to a different hospital. Neither the driver nor any of the passengers in the other vehicle were harmed in the crash.

The door of the Ford sedan had to be removed by firefighters in order to extricate the driver and the passenger from the vehicle. A landing zone was then erected in the parking lot so the helicopter could transport the victim. According to police, drugs and alcohol were not believed to be factors in the crash. They did not know how fast the Cadillac was driving at the time of the crash.

High speeds and drugs and alcohol are often factors in car accidents. However, this is not always the case. A driver may act negligently even when none of these factors are present. Sometimes, negligence takes the form of failure to slow down in time to prevent an accident, or texting while driving. Whatever the circumstances, aggressively pursuing compensation from a negligent driver can help some victims cope with the financial burdens that so often result from a car accident.

Source: The News Journal, "Two critically injured in Williamsburg crash Tuesday," Dean Manning, May 7, 2014

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