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Injuries result from motorcycle crash in Tennessee

With spring here, many Tennessee residents may be enjoying the weather by dusting off their motorcycles and taking them out for a ride. While many may enjoy the freedom that motorcycles allow, even the most avid motorcyclist will likely attest to the fact that motorcycles can be dangerous. The same small frame that allows for a wonderful experience also leaves riders vulnerable and exposed to the elements. Because of this, an accident can leave motorcycle riders seriously injured.

Recently, a motorcyclist was seriously injured following a recent accident in Tennessee. On a Sunday evening, the motorcycle on which the victim was riding collided with an SUV. Following the accident, the motorcyclist was flown to a nearby hospital via medical helicopter. Though the victim was considered in stable condition, the injuries he suffered were considered critical.

According to reports, alcohol was suspected to be a factor in the crash. Witnesses were being interviewed by police. The road on which the accident occurred was closed down for a number of hours following the crash.

With respect to a motorcycle accident, it is not uncommon for victims to suffer injuries at the hands of negligent drivers. Drivers are expected to be acutely aware of their surroundings at all times. Failing this, they can cause devastating accidents that can result in significant injuries.

Not only can motorcycle accidents result in injuries, they can also result in a victim's having to front many expenses related to the accident. Most everything that follows a motorcycle accident has a price tag. If a victim was flown via medical helicopter, rather than transported by an ambulance, then they may find themselves having to pay a large bill without regard to any additional medical treatment that they receive. Any ongoing treatment the victims receive for accident injuries can likewise be costly. Victims may desire to pursue compensation from the driver who is suspected to be at fault in order to alleviate some of this financial burden.

Source: Fox 17, "Motorcyclist critically injured in Columbia," May 5, 2014

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