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Women injured by vaginal implants will receive about $40,000 each

When Nashville residents experience a chronic physical issue, they often seek the advice of a physician. In certain cases, the doctors will provide these patients with the option to correct the problem surgically via an implanted medical device. Sometimes these devices work as intended, but in some instances they suffer from design or manufacturing flaws that can make them very dangerous for users. When a defective medical product results in serious injuries, victims may choose to pursue civil suits against the manufacturer.

American Medical Systems Inc., a unit of Endo Health Solutions, is settling approximately 20,000 lawsuits relating to its vaginal mesh implants. Women who were injured as a result of using these devices will receive about $40,000 each; in total, the company will pay more than $800 million. Patients who suffered more serious damage--such as those who needed several surgeries to remove their implants--may pursue claims for amounts larger than what they will receive in this settlement.

These vaginal meshes were used to provide support to pelvic muscles. The Endo meshes are not the only ones under fire; other manufacturers of similar devices are also facing lawsuits, and have begun settlement talks as well. The FDA has recently stated that it may apply stricter safety standards to these types of devices.

For people who have suffered from injuries due to defective medical devices, a lawsuit against the manufacturer may help recoup medical expenses, physical therapy treatments and other financial losses. If you are currently suffering from a worsened medical condition or other negative health implications as a result of using a medical device, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney.

Source: latimes.com, “Endo Health Solutions settles lawsuits over vaginal mesh implants,” April 30, 2014. 

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