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September 2018 News

Tips for Preventing Drug Errors

Drug errors occur all too often in hospitals, at the doctor's office and in the pharmacy. 
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Common Auto Defects & Warning Signs

Getting behind the wheel is one of the most dangerous things you can do during the course of your day. 
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Proton Pump Inhibitors: How Long Term Use is Linked to Deadly Side Effects

Proton Pump Inhibitors, or PPIs, reduce stomach acid by blocking the enzyme that produces the acids.
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Night Driving Safety Tips

Driving at night can be significantly more dangerous than driving during the day. 
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What You Need to Know About Your Teen's Driving Restrictions

The state of Tennessee has created a multi-step licensing process for teenage drivers. 
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Why You Should Get A Second Opinion on Your Defective Medical Device

If you believe that the medical device prescribed to you or installed during surgery has malfunctioned or is no longer working, it is important for you to seek a second opinion. 
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The Stages of Grief After a Loved One's Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one due to wrongful death can be overwhelming, stressful and nearly impossible to handle.
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Preventing Medication Errors to Avoid Injury and Illness

Medication errors are all too common these days even though there are research, train and technology out there to prevent these errors. 
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Manufacturing Flaws: How Poor Communication is Often to Blame

While there are many moving parts in the manufacturing process that make mistakes inevitable, there are steps manufacturers can take to greatly reduce the incidence rate of problems. 
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The Most Common Signs of Tire Failure

It doesn't matter what type of car you drive, you rely on your tires to get you from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner. 
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Tips for Protecting Your Children From Potentially Defective Toys

Children have plenty of toys to play with around the home and when in school. What many parents don't think about is the safety of their toys their children are using. 
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Common Causes of a Medical Device Failure

Have you ever wondered why your medical device might have failed? Many people suffer from injuries caused by a medical device that has been inserted in them or that they carry regularly.
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