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Tips for Preventing Drug Errors

Drug errors occur all too often in hospitals, at the doctor's office and in the pharmacy. 

Patients can only do so much to prevent these errors. The rest must be done by doctors and pharmacists to ensure that their patients are prescribed the correct medication and dosage so that injuries and illnesses do not occur. Here are some tips for preventing drug errors.

Listen Carefully to Information Provided

The first thing you can do to prevent a drug error is listen to the nurse or doctor as they read your information to you. Make sure they say your name correctly and your date of birth. If you have drug allergies, make sure they list the allergies before accepting any medications.

Always Ask Questions

The next step in preventing drug errors is to ask questions. You should always ask the nurse or doctor administering the medications anything that's on your mind. Find out what the side effects of the drugs are and what you should do if the drugs react adversely with you.

Double Check & Verify Prescription Information

When you are picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy, you need to double check them before leaving and taking your first dose. Make sure it is your name on the medication and your date of birth. Make sure the dosage is correct and that the instructions match what the doctor told you before leaving the hospital or their office.

Protect Your Rights & Find an Expert Attorney 

Now that you know how to prevent common drug errors, you can make sure your prescriptions are correct at all times. If you become the victim of a drug error, you need to protect your rights and speak with an experienced attorney immediately.

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