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Manufacturing Flaws: How Poor Communication is Often to Blame

While there are many moving parts in the manufacturing process that make mistakes inevitable, there are steps manufacturers can take to greatly reduce the incidence rate of problems. 

Manufacturers can greatly reduce their risk of producing dangerous or defective products by seeking out the input of more qualified individuals before they start fabricating them. It can be helpful for workers on the front lines to be brought in to the negotiation process for a manufacturing contract. By getting them involved, they can shed light on the plant's capabilities and whether run times that are quoted are realistic.

Another reason manufacturing flaws occur is that plants often take on too much work that they end up rushing through projects to get work done. Doing this leaves the equipment that is used to produce these products more vulnerable to failure. This also makes staff more apt to make careless errors.

One way that plant managers can minimize their risk of producing poorly manufactured products is by using software that streamlines some processes. By doing this, it may help them better keep track of time invested on the different steps of the manufacturing process so that they can better pace themselves and have enough staff on hand.

Staff members are also more likely to make mistakes if they feel as if they're being micromanaged, or the opposite, if an established chain of command through which potential concerns can be addressed is missing.

Even in situations in which a hierarchy exists, manufacturing flaws often occur because the people who are on the front lines producing a product often don't have access to the right points of contact, whether that is the designer or someone else. This means that those producing a product often have to make "best calls" on their own, which often results in flaws.

When consumers seek to hold designers or manufacturers accountable for their injuries, the burden falls on the victim to prove their case. A skilled Nashville attorney can advise whether you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses incurred because of your injury.

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