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Why You Should Get A Second Opinion on Your Defective Medical Device

If you believe that the medical device prescribed to you or installed during surgery has malfunctioned or is no longer working, it is important for you to seek a second opinion. 

Although you may want to schedule an appointment with the doctor or surgeon who originally gave the device to you, going back to the original doctor might make matters worse -- especially if you plan to file a claim against said doctor. Returning to the original doctor could also worsen your condition, especially if they have a lackadaisical attitude about what has occurred.

It's better for you to visit a doctor who has no affiliation with the original doctor for a second opinion. This doctor will be able to examine you independently and provide their opinion of your initial medical condition and what has developed since you began using the medical device that has now failed or malfunctioned.

Another reason why a second opinion is important when dealing with a defective medical device is that it will help your legal case against the doctor. If you go to personal injury attorney, for example, your lawyer will advise you to seek a second or third opinion about your medical condition. By seeking out a second opinion as soon as possible, you will be better prepared for trial if it comes to that.

Dealing with a defective medical device is never easy. Your health will be at risk of developing more serious injuries until the issue is resolved. A second opinion for a defective medical device like a defective hip implant can help you start the process of rectifying your medical problem.

Are You Suffering From an Injury Because of a Medical Device Malfunction?

If you have suffered an injury due to the failure of a medical device, you need to seek medical treatment immediately from a doctor not associated with the device. Make sure you document all of your injuries and treatment needed, so you can receive the proper compensation. If you're seeking a lawyer to help you settle this defective medical device case, contact us today.


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