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Common Causes of a Medical Device Failure

Have you ever wondered why your medical device might have failed? Many people suffer from injuries caused by a medical device that has been inserted in them or that they carry regularly.

These devices are made to help patients live a better, healthier life. Let's take a look at the most common causes of a medical device failure in today's post.

Insufficient Testing for Medical Devices

One of the biggest reasons why medical devices fail is that they have not received sufficient testing. This is especially important when it comes to devices that use electricity to keep a person's heart pumping strongly.

Proper Labeling & Warnings 

Medical devices that don't have the proper warning systems or alarms in place can fail without the patient or the doctor knowing. Medical devices should have some sort of warning system in place when there is an issue that needs to be rectified.

The labeling on the medical device must be clear and easy to understand. If the label has incorrect information or instructions on it this could lead to the failure of the device and injuries to the patient.

Design & Development Issues

If the company that created the device has rushed the product through the development process, it could easily lead to design issues. These design issues could morph into injuries suffered by users of the device.


Contamination is another common problem with medical devices. They must remain sterile at all times. If they become contaminated prior to insertion, it can cause the patient to suffer an infection.

Are You Suffering From an Injury Because of a Medical Device Malfunction?

If you have suffered an injury due to the failure of a medical device, you need to seek medical treatment immediately from a doctor not associated with the device. Make sure you document all of your injuries and treatment needed, so you can receive the proper compensation. If you're seeking a lawyer to help you settle this defective medical device case, contact us today.


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