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March 2014 News

Misuse of medical device leads to 4 deaths, 5 injuries

Many Nashville residents have come to depend on their medical devices and take extra care to monitor whether any recalls have been issued on the products they use. Recalls, however, are not the only issues with which consumers should be concerned. Sometimes devices can injure [...]
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In wake of G.M. recall, NHTSA faces criticism

The United States is home to many car manufacturing companies that sell both within the country and internationally. Nashville residents probably feel quite secure in the fact that, in the event that some vehicles are found to have a dangerous defect such as a defective airbag [...]
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Mini magnets recalled due to risk to children

Toys and trinkets are not just for kids; there are a number of novelty products on the market that are marketed toward adults, often as gag gifts or fun office decorations. Nashville, a city with a strong demographic of young professionals, is likely a targeted by companies that [...]
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13 deaths caused by defective airbags in GM vehicles

When a recall is issued by a major American car manufacturer it can be very alarming for consumers, including those in Nashville. If the recall involves the potential for a serious injury or a wrongful death, it becomes even more imperative that the affected vehicles are quickly [...]
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Philips ventilators facing latest in string of recalls

Many Nashville residents have come to depend on various medical devices; in fact, these products have become so ubiquitous that some people probably forget they are using them. Because these products are so widely prevalent, and because people's health can sometimes depend on [...]
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