Police officer injured in Tennessee crash

As many Tennessee residents are aware, weather conditions can make driving quite challenging. Slippery roads can make it difficult to brake without sliding, rainfall can obscure a driver's vision and poorly maintained roads can create all manner of unexpected obstacles. However, even though a higher rate of accidents is to be expected with difficult weather conditions, drivers are still expected to use extreme caution and care. In fact, some weather conditions require drivers to exercise even more care than would be otherwise expected.

A recent accident in Tennessee involved multiple vehicles, two of which were Tennessee police cruisers. On a Sunday evening, the police officers were helping out a driver who was involved in another crash. While assisting the driver, a car hydroplaned and crashed into the vehicles of the two Tennessee police officers.

One police officer had to be transported to a nearby hospital. He complained of neck pain, but he is expected to make a full recovery. Police claimed that weather was a factor in both crashes. Police also urged Tennessee drivers to exercise caution and drive slowly.

Weather conditions do not excuse negligence. Though weather may have been a factor in a crash, drivers can still make reckless mistakes and cause accidents that could otherwise have been avoided. In these cases, victims have certain rights that they can fight to protect.

One way of doing this is to bring a negligence claim. Proving another driver's negligence can help victims recover costs associated with accident injuries and vehicle damages. Even seemingly minor injuries, such as neck pain, can require multiple treatments before the victim fully recovers. A successful negligence suit can help victims secure compensation and free themselves from the many medical bills that can become burdensome following a car accident.

Source: News Channel 5, "Weather Blamed For Officer Involved Crash On I-65," Mar. 2, 2014

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