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Several suffer injuries after multi-vehicle crash in Tennessee

The various links in a chain-reaction crash can overwhelm a victim. What starts as a simple fender bender can quickly evolve into a major accident involving many vehicles. Tracing a multi-vehicle accident back to its origin can be difficult, but oftentimes investigative experts work exhaustively following the crash to accurately recreate the events that led to the accident. If it is found that the accident involved negligence from any of the drivers, then victims may be able to pursue legal action.

A recent multi-vehicle accident started when a tractor trailer lost its load on a Tennessee highway. Driving on the same highway, a pickup truck towing a trailer came upon the scene. Traffic was stopped because of the incident and the pickup truck slammed into the back of a sedan driven by a 41-year-old man. The sedan then spun into the other lane. Continuing down the left lane, the pickup truck then hit the back of another pickup truck and hit another semi before spinning out of control.

According to police, several people suffered injuries following the crash. The driver and the passenger in the sedan both were flown via medical helicopter to a nearby hospital. Both were said to be in critical condition. The driver of the pickup truck that was rear-ended was also transported to a medical center. There were pending charges against the driver of the pickup truck who rear-ended the sedan, as well as the driver of the sedan.

In almost all rear-end car accidents, the person rear-ended is not found to be at fault. Drivers are expected to drive a safe distance behind the car in front of them, leaving adequate space to stop abruptly if they have to. Proving that another car rear-ended the victim is just one possible way of proving negligence, however. There are a variety of ways another driver can be negligent and by piecing together investigation findings, eyewitness reports and other forms of evidence, victims can oftentimes build a strong legal strategy that maximizes their chances of obtaining compensation.

Source: News Channel 5, "Three Injured In I-65 Crash Near Millersville," Mar. 11, 2014

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