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Mini magnets recalled due to risk to children

Toys and trinkets are not just for kids; there are a number of novelty products on the market that are marketed toward adults, often as gag gifts or fun office decorations. Nashville, a city with a strong demographic of young professionals, is likely a targeted by companies that manufacture such items. Just because a product is not aimed at kids, however, does not mean that manufacturers can ignore potential hazards involving children. If a product contains a design defect that is dangerous to children, manufacturers may be forced to issue a recall.

A recall has recently been issued for several types of miniature magnets made by a company called Design Ideas. It has been determined that these magnets, which were intended for offices and refrigerators, could cause severe damage if swallowed by children because the magnets' attraction to each other in the body can clamp tissues together. This could lead to a variety of medical problems and could prove fatal. No related injuries have been reported.

Although these items were not intended to be used by children, they came in the shape of a rubber ducky, blowfish and a splat. Consumers who are in possession of these products are instructed to stop using them and put them in a place where children cannot find them. Design Ideas is providing a refund for returned items.

Consumers with small children who were injured as the result of a product’s design and manufacturing defects may have recourse against a negligent manufacturer, even if the product was not marketed as a child’s toy. Those who feel they have legal claims regarding dangerous products may wish to discuss the issue with an attorney.

Source: cpsc.gov, “Design Ideas Recalls Magnets Due to Risk of Ingestion,” Mar. 6, 2014

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