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March is being deemed National Brain Injury Awareness Month

The types of injuries that victims can suffer following car accidents are many. Some of the more severe and debilitating injuries are those that fall under the category of brain injuries. Brian injuries can be devastating and life-altering for victims. Victims may no longer be able to continue living in a way that they are used to, instead forced to deal with a variety of complications.

Many Tennessee residents may view March as the beginning of spring, but the month is getting another designation attached to its name. The Brain Injury Association of America declared the month as National Brain Awareness Month. The intention is to raise awareness for the millions who have suffered brain injuries. It also honors those who have been successfully rehabilitated as the result of long term support and treatment.

According to one neuropsychologist, brain injuries do not only affect any one type of person at any particular time; anyone has the potential to suffer a brain injury, and they can occur at any time. What's more, even what are considered minor brain injuries can have a significant effect on the brain and how it functions. Anything that causes the brain to shift around can result in brain injuries, according to the neuropsychologist.

Car accidents can cause the brain to be violently traumatized. As a result, many suffer life-long complications as the result of another driver's negligence. While nothing may be able to done to restore a victim's life to exactly the way it was before the crash, there are ways to alleviate some of the financial hurt. By aggressively pursuing accident compensation, victims have a chance to obtain monetary awards to help them pay for the medical expenses and other costs that result from suffering a brain injury in a car accident.

Source: Aiken Standard, "Resident raises awareness of brain injuries," Stephanie Turner, Mar. 9, 2014

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