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October 2015 News

Understanding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Defective design, lead content and insufficient labels are just the start of the hazards that a child’s toy could contain. At Bart Durham Injury Law, we know that the onus is on the manufacturer, retailer and anyone else involved in the supply chain to ensure that the products [...]
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Pursuing compensation from those responsible for car injuries

In most instances, when two cars collide, one of the drivers was at fault in the accident, and that driver is often held liable for any injuries suffered by victims of the accident. This means that you could be compensated for your injuries by the other drivers if you were not [...]
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The law does not treat motorcyclists differently

In many cases of motorcycle accidents, people tend to engage in some form of victim-blaming toward the motorcyclist. Whether it is the media reporting that the driver was not wearing a helmet or members of the community talking about how motorcycles are dangerous to begin with, [...]
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Food and Drug Administration recalls insulin delivery device

As recently as a decade ago, Tennessee had one of the highest incidence rate of diabetes in the country. According to the Tennessee Department of Health, 9.1 percent of adults in the state reported having been diagnosed with diabetes in 2005.
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Standing up for your rights in a drunk driving accident

There are many legal considerations when it comes to drunk driving accidents and DUI law in general. For example, police officers must have reasonable suspicion to pull an individual over and probable cause to test them for alcohol, which generally consists of suspicious or [...]
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Cardiovascular risks and using testosterone treatments

Testosterone treatments are aimed at helping men in Nashville and elsewhere, rebuild their testosterone levels. However, in recent years, studies have indicated that these therapies may actually increase men’s risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack. MD Magazine states that [...]
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Notable motorcycle accident statistics

We often talk about how motorcycle accidents benefit from legal assistance because the dangers of motorcycle accidents and the injuries suffered by victims tend to require significantly more compensation. However, if you do not drive a motorcycle, or you do drive a motorcycle [...]
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What should drivers do following Tennessee motor vehicle collisions?

Knowing what to do after an auto accident in Tennessee may help drivers ensure they receive compensation for the damages they suffered.
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Truck involved in multivehicle Tennessee accident

Perhaps the two most serious types of motor vehicle accidents in terms of how much physical and property damage they can cause are truck accidents and multivehicle accidents. Naturally when there are more vehicles involved in an accident, there will be more large forces at work [...]
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Multiple accidents occurred in Tennessee over the weekend

While much of the country is focused on the serious weather dangers currently faced by residents of South Carolina, Tennessee has faced its own weather issues over the weekend, albeit to a much lesser degree. The weather in Tennessee has not caused fatal floods, but it has [...]
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Are IVC filters really safe?

There are a lot of medical devices out there that your doctor in Nashville may recommend to make your life better. One of these is the inferior vena cava filter, but is it really safe?
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Legal experience with injuries that truck accidents can cause

Motor vehicle accidents are extremely dangerous, as they can cause a multitude of serious injuries in one devastating moment. Depending on the speed, size and weight of the vehicles, as well as various other factors, you could find yourself pierced by shards of glass, bruised by [...]
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Legal aid for Tennessee brain injuries

There are many different circumstances that can lead to a personal injury claim, and there are various areas of personal injury law about which an individual may have questions. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, for example, you may have questions about car [...]
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