Pursuing compensation from those responsible for car injuries

In most instances, when two cars collide, one of the drivers was at fault in the accident, and that driver is often held liable for any injuries suffered by victims of the accident. This means that you could be compensated for your injuries by the other drivers if you were not at fault in the accident. However, it is important to note that just because another driver was at fault in an accident, it does not mean that they were the only ones at fault for your injuries.

There are some cases in which additional injuries are suffered from an accident due to defects in the automobile. Many parts come together to form an entire car, and if any of these parts are defective or operating improperly, the injuries suffered in a car accident could be exacerbated. Imagine, for example, that the seat belts in your car do not lock properly, meaning that you are not held in place when a collision occurs. As a result, your head could strike the windshield or dashboard and cause otherwise avoidable brain injuries.

Seat belts are only one area in which defects may cause additional injuries. Faulty air bags could either inflate too quickly and cause further injury, or not inflate quickly enough and fail to prevent injuries that proper airbags would have stopped. Even the glass used in windows and windshields could have an effect in how it shatters and the shrapnel that could injure you.

What this means for car accident victims is that there could be additional sources of compensation to pursue in the event of an accident. If you were injured in a car accident in Tennessee, and you believe that your injuries were exacerbated due to faulty car manufacturing or design, be sure to mention it to your attorney. You could pursue additional compensation from the manufacturers.

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