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Cardiovascular risks and using testosterone treatments

Testosterone treatments are aimed at helping men in Nashville and elsewhere, rebuild their testosterone levels. However, in recent years, studies have indicated that these therapies may actually increase men’s risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack. MD Magazine states that just earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration started to require warnings to be put on the labels of testosterone treatments for consumer protection.

However, despite the many studies that have been conducted, researchers have been unable to determine whether testosterone treatments raises people’s risk of having a cardiovascular event. The debate over the issue has led the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists to issue a public statement.

In the statement, the organization urged physicians to avoid prescribing testosterone treatments to men who were older and in frail health. Furthermore, while the group stated that physicians should make sure their patients understand that the studies, thus held, have not been conclusive one way or the other relating testosterone treatments to cardiovascular events. Doctors should also make sure that they prescribe the treatment based on symptoms patients are experiencing and that testing levels should follow a specific procedure that prohibits the taking of samples after 10am.

US News points out that of the studies that have been conducted, one study showed that the rate of heart attacks rose among men who were on a testosterone gel daily. The study looked at two groups. One group was on a placebo while the other group was administered testosterone. The placebo group had five people who died or were treated for a blocked artery or heart attack. The testosterone group had 23 events. The FDA has encouraged further studies to be done.

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