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Truck involved in multivehicle Tennessee accident

Perhaps the two most serious types of motor vehicle accidents in terms of how much physical and property damage they can cause are truck accidents and multivehicle accidents. Naturally when there are more vehicles involved in an accident, there will be more large forces at work and more shrapnel flying about, exponentially increasing the chances of serious injury. Additionally, the sheer size of semi-trucks often mean that any collision will result in smaller passenger vehicles being crushed under the weight of the massive trucks.

Of course, if there is any kind of accident that is more devastating than a multivehicle accident or a truck accident, it is a multivehicle accident in which one of the vehicles is a truck. Such accidents combine all of the dangerous elements of each individual type of accident to cause multiple serious injuries depending on the circumstances. Such an accident occurred recently in Tennessee, where miraculously nobody was killed.

According to police, one driver fell asleep while driving, colliding with the barrier wall. Another vehicle then struck the first car, which was followed by a semi-truck smashing into the multivehicle accident. There were a total of five victims who were hospitalized, but their injuries are not life-threatening.

This accident shows not only how quickly an accident can happen, but also how many different drivers can be involved because of how sudden driving conditions change. Without any warning, another driver may fall asleep and swerve or slow down, and if your reactions are not extremely fast, you may accidentally run into that driver; the dangers are exacerbated when a truck is involved. If you have been involved in a truck accident, consider meeting with an attorney to learn more about how you could recover compensation for your injuries.

Source: wkrn, "5 injured in multiple vehicle crash on I-24 East," Oct. 4, 2015

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