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May 2015 News

You do not have to pay for someone else's negligence

Not every car accident is a life-changing ordeal that seriously affects not only you but your loved ones as well. However, such accidents do happen, and unfortunately there is no way to predict where or when they will occur. You could go through your life never getting into an [...]
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Legal options for victims of brain injury

Brain injuries are quite possibly the most dangerous injuries that a person can suffer, not only because of the lifelong consequences they can carry, but also because of how difficult it can be to detect them. Most injuries show visible signs of damage, such as bleeding or [...]
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What is the BAC limit for boating in Tennessee?

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is one of the most serious crimes of which someone can be accused, and with good reason. Consuming alcohol before operating a vehicle is nearly guaranteed to impair your ability to operate the vehicle and thus much more likely to put [...]
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Is robotic surgery safe?

We live in a time when amazing medical breakthroughs come through almost on a daily basis. Many of these new medicines and technologies have proven to be lifesavers. However, some others can end up causing more harm than good. This goes for medical devices and procedures as well [...]
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Airbags recalled after causing serious injuries and deaths

When consumers buy a major product such as a vehicle, they expect this product to be as safe and reliable as possible. Unfortunately, many people are seriously injured or killed throughout the United States each year as a result of defective products. Residents in Nashville and [...]
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Understanding Tennessee motorcycle laws

One of the most difficult things about riding a motorcycle is being aware of how each state's laws differ from those of other states. Not only is this important for ensuring that you obey the law, it is also important to know what other drivers expect of motorcyclists to help [...]
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Nine injured in Tennessee drunk driving accident

Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense, and police understandably exert a great deal of care to catch drunk drivers before it is too late. There is very good reason that such legal measures are taken to deter and eliminate drunk drivers: they are dangerous. The simple fact [...]
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Truck accident victim in critical condition in Tennessee hospital

Obviously drivers want to avoid accidents of any type, since even the mildest of fender benders can still put a damper on your day and may lead to multiple phone calls with insurance companies. However, while no accident is desirable, if there is one type of accident you [...]
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Voluntary recall of IKEA safety gates after children fall

When parents purchase a toy or child safety device, they expect the product to be entirely safe for their child to use. Unfortunately for many families in Nashville and other areas of the country, dangerous products intended for children still cause injuries and even tragic [...]
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What should you know before filing wrongful death claims?

Suffering the loss of a loved one can be devastating for people in Tennessee, and elsewhere. The impact can be all the more shattering when a death is caused by the negligence, carelessness or intentional actions of another. Often, in these cases, the families who are left [...]
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Many Tennessee drivers wrongly think that they can multitask

Drivers endanger the lives of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians when they attempt to multitask while behind the wheel of a vehicle.
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Risks of driving a motorcycle

Motorcycle drivers in Tennessee are exposed to more risk than others on the road because motorcycles offer less protection than other vehicles, and this risk is compounded because drivers often fail to anticipate for the appearance of a motorcycle on the road. Understanding the [...]
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A car accident can result from a 2-second distraction

Drivers in Tennessee might not realize how distractions can be the catalyst for a car collision. Glancing away from the road for a mere two seconds at 70 mph will lead to a driver traveling approximately 200 feet without watching where they are going. There are numerous reasons [...]
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