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Nine injured in Tennessee drunk driving accident

Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense, and police understandably exert a great deal of care to catch drunk drivers before it is too late. There is very good reason that such legal measures are taken to deter and eliminate drunk drivers: they are dangerous. The simple fact is that consuming alcohol impairs your ability to drive a car, from reduced reaction time to impaired vision or decision-making, driving while drunk is a risk to your own safety. Just as important and noteworthy, it is also a risk to the safety of others.

Recently in Tennessee, a pickup truck jumped a curb and struck two families enjoying an evening outside of a frozen yogurt shop. The victims included nine people across the two families, four of whom were young children who are not yet even teenagers. A grandmother was also injured in the accident, and she was suffering from critical injuries as she was airlifted to a medical center.

According to police, the driver had no business being in the truck in the first place, and he is now facing DUI charges. The report indicates that the man was driving with a suspended license, and that this is not his first offense when it comes to driving while intoxicated.

No mention is made of what injuries the truck driver suffered, if any, which only serves to further prove the primary concern of drunk driving. In many cases, innocent victims are injured by the reckless driving of intoxicated individuals. Fortunately for those victims, the law is very clear, and it is on their side. Even though drunk driving is a criminal offense, victims can still be entitled to compensation for any injuries they suffer from the actions of a drunk driver.

Source: WKRN-TV, "2 families hit by truck after driver jumps curb at Spring Hill Sweet CeCe's," Lori Mitchell, May 5, 2015

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