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Airbags recalled after causing serious injuries and deaths

When consumers buy a major product such as a vehicle, they expect this product to be as safe and reliable as possible. Unfortunately, many people are seriously injured or killed throughout the United States each year as a result of defective products. Residents in Nashville and countless other cities may unknowingly be affected by a major safety hazard in their vehicles that has recently come to light.

The Japanese auto manufacturing company Takata is currently involved in the largest vehicle recall ever recorded. According to reports, at least five people were killed in the United States by airbags that exploded without warning. Originally, Takata had recalled about 18 million vehicles with these faulty airbags, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began fining the company $14,000 a day – $1.2 million to date – for not cooperating with an investigation. Takata has revised its recall to include 34 million vehicles.

The faulty airbags reportedly sent shrapnel into the bodies or faces of both drivers and front seat passengers. One woman suffered vision damage when her defective airbag exploded in her face. Police responding to the accidents said that the injuries resembled stab or gunshot wounds.

Most of the vehicles affected are manufactured by Honda, although many other vehicle models are included in the recall. Most had been manufactured between 2000 and 2011. This recall is on record as one of the biggest consumer recalls of all time. People who are injured by a car defect may have the right to pursue compensation.

Source: CNN Money, "Airbag maker Takata announces largest auto recall ever," Chris Isidore and Rene Marsh, May 20, 2015

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